I’m backend developer. I have featuring expertise in web frameworks, a passion for Web 2.0 trends, APIs, mashups and other disruptive technologies. I have experience of API development and using. Interesting in distributed system and cloud solutions. I worked with GIS and related technology for 4 years. I develop higload system for internet advertising (RTB).

Used ruby libraries:

  • rails, sinatra, grape
  • devise, omniauth, omniauth-*, custom omniauth oauth2 providers
  • capistrano, rspec, thor

Used Scala libraries:

  • Finagle
  • circe
  • monix

Used C/C++ technologies:

  • boost
  • Qt

Other technologies and algorithms:

  • RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NOSQL databases
  • different spatial indexes
  • Docker, Azure

I watch for new technologies and some try to use.